Heart of Zen

Heart of Zen

Heart of Zen is the premier Zen shiatsu practice in Leelanau County, MI. Located in downtown Suttons Bay, Heart of Zen offers various therapeutic treatments including Zen shiatsu (acupressure) treatment, foot tuina (Chinese reflexology), zazen (meditation), qigong (gentle movement) and Seiki-soho (Kishi-style treatment) to bring about a true wellness experience.

If you are or have ever been a client of mine, I am offering distance treatments free for the month of March. Some of us have already worked together in this manner. Let me explain how this works in practical terms.

First, we schedule a time, just like any other shiatsu treatment, only for the treatment, you will stay in your location, and I will stay in mine. You can call me or send me an email to schedule your appointment or to change an appointment we already have on the books. We will coordinate a time and I will answer any questions you might have.

To prepare for your appointment, you will find a quiet, comfortable place to lie down. Best if you can be in a room that is peaceful to you and separate from others. You can rest on the floor, a bed, a futon, any place where you can comfortably relax and be still. Take a moment to recall what a treatment has been like for you when you have come to my office, and identify the place in your space for a treatment.

On the day and appointed time, you will call or text to let me know that you are ready to begin treatment. We will not be on the phone or computer during treatment.

I will execute a full shiatsu treatment on an imaginary version of you. This usually takes about 45 minutes. I will call or text you when I am done, and we can have a conversation, if you would like.

We are more powerful and connected than we ever realize. Resonance, vibration, the energy of the body, mind and spirit are full of unspoken gifts. I am ready to offer you this alternate opportunity to connect and support your well-being.

Peace and Health,

Feeling healthy and strong? Heart of Zen recommends monthly shiatsu or Seiki-soho treatments to continue to support the wellness habits you have incorporated into your life.

Experiencing a recent injury that has left you with a sprain, strain, or ache? Heart of Zen recommends shiatsu and/or tuina as soon as possible to support quick and complete healing.

Dealing with a mental or physical stress that leaves you in pain or feeling unable to enjoy your day the way you want to? Heart of Zen recommends weekly shiatsu or Seiki-soho treatments until you notice a positive change, daily zazen, and appropriate qigong.

Expressions of health include appropriate breath, diet, movement, and rest so that you can function to your fullest. Our goal is to help you achieve and maintain these expressions of health in your life, even when confronted with stress or injury, through Zen shiatsu therapy and by incorporating the principles of Chinese medicine. We have found that with regular shiatsu or Seiki-Soho, proper nutrition and appropriate movement, many ailments such as chronic back and neck pain, stress, digestive, and sleep issues can be resolved.

Treatment fees: M-Th: Initial appointment: $135, hourly appointments: $95
Treatment fees: Sat: Initial appointment: $170, hourly appointments: $120
Seiki-Soho Treatment fees: Fri: hourly appointments: $150
Please wear or bring loose, comfortable clothes (“yoga” wear or pajamas), and a clean pair of socks.
Please do not wear colognes or heavy scents.

To schedule your appointment, please call Heart of Zen at 231-386-7616 or email shiatsu@michelleracich.com.

Download, print, and complete your Initial Intake Form.