Zen Shiatsu

Zen Shiatsu

Zen shiatsu is a form of Asian bodywork therapy. Rooted in Japanese and Chinese medicine, Zen shiatsu is closely related to acupuncture; the main distinction is Zen shiatsu uses fingers, not needles. Zen shiatsu touch is given to specific points and channels in the body to facilitate the innate healing power of the whole human body. Zen shiatsu is an excellent compliment to your existing health regime and a superior preventive therapy for maintaining health and wellness. Visit the Zen shiatsu page to read more about what to expect in a session.


Foot Tuina

Foot tuina is Chinese foot reflexology. Besides being very relaxing, foot tuina can increase blood circulation, reduce heart burden, and increase metabolism. Foot tuina can remove stagnation, increase immunity, and help prevent disease. Foot tuina is an excellent stand alone therapy, but can be particularly relaxing when combined with a Zen shiatsu treatment. Ask if this is an appropriate option for your health. Foot tuina alone is a half hour treatment; combined with shiatsu, the session is about one and a half hours. Visit the foot tuina page for details.

Singing bowl


ZaZen is simply silent meditation. There are many techniques for helping quiet the mind, refocus attention, and support the ability to be fully present in life. At Heart of Zen, we offer supportive meditation coaching, upon your request.

Qigong class


Qigong (“chee gung”) is a gentle form of self-healing that combines movement, breath, and visualization to balance body, mind and spirit. Private instruction and group classes are available. No previous experience is necessary and no special clothing or equipment is needed. To schedule an appointment, please call Heart of Zen at 231-386-7616 or email Visit the qigong page to read more.

Zen Shiatsu


Seiki-Soho treatment is a form of Asian bodywork therapy rooted in the traditions of Japanese Zen shiatsu and Japanese medicine. Seiki-soho is manual medicine with a focus on touching the truth about what it means to be human. This happens through katsugen, or spontaneous movement. Seiki-soho is an excellent way to get rid of tensions, feel more aware, more in balance, more like your true self. It’s an excellent compliment to your existing health regime. Visit the Seiki-Soho page to learn more.