About Qigong

Qigong class

Qigong is an ancient and important part of Chinese medicine. It is a self-healing support system that focuses on breath, body, and mind. Qigong is about the cultivation of qi (the vibration and resonance of life) by strengthening attention and intention through relaxed, gentle, meditative movement. It is, literally, “energy work.” While not a martial art on its own, qigong includes principles core to the practice of the martial arts and central to the art of life, as well.

Qigong (“chee gung”) is a 3,000 year-old, gentle form of self-healing that combines movement, breath, and visualization to balance body, mind and spirit. “Qi” means energy or life force and “gong” means to cultivate. Grow your energy!

Qigong can increase your energy, and heal or prevent many common illnesses. It is especially effective in reducing stress, strengthening the immune system, improving mental focus, supporting a healthy sleep cycle, deepening a sense of inner peace, and – it’s fun!

Qigong Instruction

Format includes clear and careful step-by-step instruction with plenty of demonstration and supportive coaching. Learn a guided qigong routine designed to help you balance your energy, clear your mind, and relax your body so that you can enjoy a healthy, productive day.

Instruction covers history, theory, fundamental principles, basic postures, development of qi awareness, breath work, and moving meditation.

No previous experience is necessary and no special clothing or equipment is needed.

See our calendar for a list of classes.

To schedule private Qigong private instruction, please call Heart of Zen at 231-386-7616 or email shiatsu@michelleracich.com.